Aspen Historic Preservation Commission: “Extra Effort Award”
May 8, 2010
Local developer consolidates East Hopkins properties
December 17, 2010

Rocky Mountain Holiday


Greg and Jane Hills and their two children, Austin and Whitney, celebrate Christmas as countless Americans do-at home, exchanging gifts and sharing traditional holiday meals. Here, their friends and neighbors also happily mingle and enjoy the festive music and cheerful repartee.

What makes the Hills family holidays unique is the location they call home-Aspen, the glittering town high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, where every view merits a Christmas card. The family occupies a chic downtown loft built as part of an ambitious project (Greg and Jane are commercial developers) to preserve the better part of a historic neighborhood. “The city granted us permission to develop the parcel with the stipulation that we would restore three 19th-century cabins on the property to their original conditions,” Jane explains. “They also insisted that the cabins continue to be used for commercial purposes, so we can chose one of them as the office for our business.”

Mountains freshly capped with snow and ever-so appropos evergreens provide extra seasonal background to their built-new-to-look-old structure, with interiors fashioned by Los Angeles-based talent Kevin Corn.

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