Durham, Raleigh ready for new 26 and 23-story buildings

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December 21, 2014
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January 29, 2015

Durham, Raleigh ready for new 26 and 23-story buildings


Anticipation is brewing for several big building projects under way and proposed for both downtown Durham and downtown Raleigh in 2015, including the construction start for the 26-story City Center tower in Durham and the opening of the 23-story SkyHouse Raleigh apartment building.

Paul Smith, leader of Austin Lawrence Partners’ Durham development office, says construction crews will begin abatement and demolition for the 26-story City Center tower “by the end of January” at the corner of Corcoran and Main streets in downtown Durham.

“You’ll start to see construction fencing going up soon, … and we should be digging for the parking deck within three months,” he says.

“This is the year we’ve been waiting for,” he says, noting that all of the pieces of the puzzle needed to make an $80 million project like City Center project a success seem to finally be coming together. “It’s exciting. It’s going to be quite the year.”

Austin Lawrence Partners will be preserving the building facades for three historic buildings on Main Street and Parrish Street on the site, all of which will be put into storage until the building is closer to completion.

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