March 6, 2015

Behind the Green Wall: A bank vault

BY LISA SORG INDY WEEK Mausoleum? Bomb shelter? What is it? For the past several weeks, I’ve watched as the Green Wall at Main and Corcoran
February 24, 2015

The fall of Durham’s Green Wall

BY LISA SORG INDY WEEK While I was out of the office yesterday, the Green Wall fell onto Main Street (we’re guessing, unexpectedly, since the street
January 29, 2015

In downtown Durham, the Green Wall is tumbling down

BY LISA SORG INDY WEEK We knew it was time when the Bobcats and steam shovels and Rent-a-Fence arrived. The dismantling of the Green Wall and the
July 30, 2014

Tower of Power

BY LISA SORG INDY WEEK Lie down on the lawn at the Corcoran and Main streets and try to imagine a 300-foot, 26-story skyscraper on that spot.